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Patients: An Overview


Medical Record Request Forms |    FAQ

This page has been setup to aid Trenton Orthopaedic Group, P.A. patients to obtain access to their medical records, X-rays and MRI's.


Instructions for Requesting Medical Information


Trenton Orthopaedic Group, P.A.  has contracted Record Reproduction Services (RRS) to handle the duplication and transfer of medical information.


   In order to standardize and expedite all requests for patient information please follow the steps outlined below:


Step 1 - Complete each page of the Medical Record Request in its entirety

Step 2Use the form below to calculate your payment


Payment Calculator Quanity (# of Copies) Unit Cost
Medical Record - Paper Copies   $6.50 plus Shipping
Medical Record Delivered Electronically   $6.50
X-Rays and or MRI on CD-Rom   $10
    Total Due:  


Step 3 – Make a Payment:

           Option 1 -  Payment via check - make a check made payable to “Record Reproduction Services


           Option 2 -  Payment made Online  - an invoice will be mailed to you after your request is processed. 


Step 4 - Forward completed information to RRS


        Please mail both pages of your completed Medical Record Request and your payment, if you do not want an invoice later, to the address below or fax directly to 484-468-1247.


Record Reproduction Services (RRS)
600 North Jackson Street,  Suite 104, Media, PA 19063

Phone: 484-468-1299
Fax: 484-468-1247



Please Remember


Delivery of all medical records will be maid via mail or fax. Please indicate how and where you want your records sent on your request form.


All request forms must be filled out completely in order for your request to be processed.


Click here for responses Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)





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