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About RRS: Staff

Since 1994, RRS has been establishing benchmark levels of service in the
ROI industry.

We have an average employee retention rate of five plus years and growing. With the most experienced staff in the industry, RRS can provide your facility with a level of service far above what any competition offers.

Each staff member is trained and certified via RRS's thorough training program.

This training covers all aspects of HIPAA as well as medical and insurance file management and the latest electronic imaging technologies. Well-trained staff servicing your facility means you never need to worry about how your files are being handled.

RRS utilizes the latest imaging software and hardware whenever performing file duplication.

This allows our field service representatives to work in the most efficient manner possible with little or no possibility for equipment failure. Less equipment downtime and faster production speeds means less interruptions to your your facility. Compact form factors on our equipment allows our reps to work in confined spaces and all of our scanning hardware operate at near silent levels so as not to disrupt your patients or staff.

RRS turnaround time is the fastest in the industry thanks to our patented processing system.

RRS's Rapid Retrieval System allows all requestors the ability to receive their records in as little as 12 hours from being copied. Customized tracking software allows RRS to track and locate files instantly, this in conjunction with our web based logging system gives you up to the minute status of all requests processed from your facility 24 hours a day seven days a week.


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