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Patients: An Overview

A professional organization contracted by your healthcare organization, RRS provides secure and compliant access to your health information.

Most often doctors contract with RRS because of the significant number of requests submitted to their office for many reasons. These requests become overwhelming and RRS is brought in to help provide a smooth and easy transfer of that information to whomever you are requesting to have your medical information delivered to. 

Most states have a structure fee that medical facilities may charge you as a patient to have your medical record reproduced. Depending on the individual doctor or health group RRS has predetermined a reduced fee that may be billed to you. Some organizations choose to cover the cost themselves but are not required by law to do so.

RRS is committed to protecting your privacy. Due to the sensitive nature of medical information and increasing cases of identity theft, Federal and State law, your medical provider, and RRS require that all transactions of medical information be properly authorized and documented. In some cases, this may require you completing additional forms.


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