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Patients: FAQs

Question: Why am I being billed?

Answer: Patient's information is property of the attending physician. Patient has the right to this information but must pay for the cost to reproduce according to most state guidelines. This may be covered, in some cases, by your healthcare provider or a more reasonable fee has been charged.

Question: Can I pick up my records in person? 

Answer: It depends on your provider. In many cases RRS can make arrangements for your records to be available for pickup. Often RRS processes in a central location to provide more security so that delivering paper copies to individual locations can often be delayed.

Question: How long does it take to get my records? 

Answer: Record requests can take up to two weeks typically much less depending upon the actions of the requester. RRS has established an efficient system to expedite record requests, but requires the requesters to take the time to carefully read the instructions and fill all forms out completely. 

Question: Can I have my records sent to my home?  

Answer: Yes, by completing the form provided by RRS along with the authorization, RRS will forward your records to your home via USPS. This is often recommended when changing doctors. Often when patients make changes they may try several doctors before finding one that suits their needs. You would be required to re-request records in some cases as providers are NOT required to re-disclose any medical information provided to them.


Question: Can I get hard copies of my MRIs or X-rays?  

Answer: Depending on whether or not RRS processes MRI's and X-rays for your physician. If this is within the scope of our contract they are captured in an electronic format and are only available in that format. You may request a copy on CD-ROM. 

Question: What format do the CD-Rom records come in?  


Question: Can I get multiple copies of my records?  

Answer: Yes. You can order as many copies as you wish. A fee will be incurred for each copy requested. – It is suggested that you request CD-ROM copies so that you can more cost effectively store and reproduce additional copies of records. .

Question: Why do I need to complete addition forms?  

Answer: Both State and federal law require that you complete a compliant HIPAA authorization in order to process a medical record request. The law also allows for medical providers and their business associates (RRS) to ask for additional or specific forms. RRS will comply with each contract. This may or may not apply.


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