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About RRS: An Overview

Founded in 1994 as a medical record retrieval company, Record Reproduction Services (RRS) quickly learned that physicians groups could not efficiently respond to the constant demand from outside requestors for medical information.

To provide an effective and valued service to our clients, RRS began offering support services to aid physicians in fulfilling requests. RRS found that these services were as much a value to our requesting clients as they were to the physicians that were required to fulfill them. From this our Release of Information Service (ROI) was born.

Our mission became clear. 

Partner with hospitals and medical groups to help them provide the best patient care possible by providing secure, efficient, and reliable ROI 

RRS specializes in customizing ROI solutions to your organization's needs and philosophies. With RRS, your organization can focus on patient care while we provide streamlined and compliant ROI solutions centralized on our patented file auditing process that hundreds of our clients have grown to trust.

Working with RRS allows you to offset as much or as little of the ROI process, and continue to retain confidence that HIPAA compliance is not only met… but exceeded.


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