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3rd Party Requestors: FAQs

Question: What do I need to be compliant?

Answer: In most cases you will need a HIPAA compliant authorization. You can get one here (Link). If you are not subject to HIPAA guidelines for your request, we will still need a date of birth and full name to confirm a patient's identity.

Question: Why was my request refused?

Answer: It probably means your request did not meet HIPAA regulations. You should have your client complete one (link) and return it to us. In other cases we may not be able to route your request to the correct facility. Please ensure that the request has the proper address of the facility you would like records from.

Question: Why am I being charged?

Question: Why am I being charged a cancellation fee?

Answer: RRS takes its responsibility of getting you records in a timely manner very seriously. We accept your request as a work order and prepare the records as quickly as possible in response. Due to the many formats of how records are stored, all records must be collected together to produce an invoice. Because of this we ask that you pay your invoice promptly. We allow all invoices to be cancelled however a flat $20 cancellation fee will be applied. ALL requests must be cancelled in writing.

Question: What is the five dollar download fee?

Answer: In order to expedite service, RRS makes records available online for at least two weeks. Records can be made available again within three months of downloading them for an additional fee of five dollars.

Question: Can I get my records today?

Answer: Yes, so long as you have met all HIPAA requirements and have an online account you can pay for and download your records today.

Question: Why is my account locked?

Answer: RRS allows you 120 days to pay or close invoices. At this time you can cancel them and extend the invoice for an additional 45 days. If the past due invoice is not paid, your account will be locked and access to records will be denied until all requests are rectified.

Question: What forms of payment do you accept?

Answer: Cash, Check, Master Card, Visa, Discover, and American Express

Question: I lost my password, how can I get a new one?

Question: I need an online account, how do I get one?

Question: How do I give people at my company access to our online account?

Question: What are the benefits of an online account?

Answer: There are many benefits to having an online account with us including:

1. Two to Four Day Shipping
Once paid, records are available for online download, saving 2-4 days for printing, packaging, shipping and of course the delivery.

2. Pay Online
You can pay multiple invoices online as well as view/print receipts for past invoices paid. Once an invoice is paid, you have instant access to download records.

3. Online Download
You'll get an electronic version decrypted and streamed to your computer along with a custom cover sheet. Download as many times as you need for 14-days after payment.

4. Email Notifications
We will send your invoice via email to the Office Email we have on file. We will also send an email if you continue to pay by check, notifying you we posted payment and records are ready for download.

5. Request Status
No need to call and ask for status, you can go online and view all details about a particular request including:

> Date received

> Patient details: Including name, address, birth date, and SSN

> HIPAA Compliance: Is there anything missing or is a Sensitive Authorization required? You can download our pre-filled authorization and letter detailing what is missing along with a copy of your authorization… get the patient to sign our copy and scan or upload directly to our website.

> Copy Location: View the Field Rep assigned to the copy location as well as address, physicians, hours and day we copy)

> Auditor: If your records are being audited, you can email your Auditor directly with questions, saving a phone call.

6. Cancel
You can cancel your request online yourself by entering a reason; otherwise you have to fax us a cancellation letter.

7. Search Requests
Search your request by your Id, our Id, and Patient Name and Birth Date until all requests are rectified.


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